Disabling annonymous atendees in Meeting options not working

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I changed the organisation meeting policy and disabled anonymous users to enter the meeting.


But the setting is ignored - still, anyone who is given invitation link may enter (at least to lobby).

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@ChristianBergstromTeams admin center - Meetings - Meeting Setings - Anonymous users can join a meeting (set OFF)

How long have you waited?
2 hours so far... There was a note, that setting may take longer - but several hours should be enough?
There you have it. Try again tomorrow.
I'll have to... but - does it really takes -that- long to change this setting?

In organisation we have public meetings time to time. So I will have to change that setting a whole day before such meeting and it will take next day to disable it again?
It’s difficult to say exactly how long it takes as it depends on different circumstances. But easily 24 hours for some. But the approach you are thinking of sounds far from optimal. As your org. occasionally needs to allow anon users why don’t you use the meeting policies to control the anon settings? Meaning, have the anon setting enabled and use the lobby setting to prevent anon users to enter automatically, in case one would have the the meeting link forwarded to him/her for some reason.
I know, but problem is, that teachers sometimes forgot to switch meeting options ("who can present") and students become presentees too and they arbitrarily change the options of the meeting so anyone can attend and skip the lobby.

And in the Teams, it is not possible (as far as I know) to change default settings for scheduled meetings and for meet-now.
And is there any option to disable messages about anonymous users waiting in the lobby? And set it as default?
Hi again, not much one can do in the lobby but wait to be let in (if approved) so you don’t have to bother.

For the record you can control the chat availability with a meeting policy, per-partipant setting, and that will improve soon with this being an meeting option as well.
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thank you. My question was related to annoying notifications that someone entered the lobby, displayed to the presenter. How to disable them.


BTW: Anonymous users setting got effective after 7 hours...

Ah, ok I get it now. AFAIK not there yet.

Good to know it ”only” took 7 hours. Thanks for letting me know.
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