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I'm a teacher at the primary school and use Microsoft Teams for presenting my lesson.


When I share the whiteboard with my students inside the meeting everyone can write and interact with it.

It possible restrict the use of the whiteboard for the student so they only view my operation?




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I am considering that you are facing the issue while you are having a Teams Meeting with your students. if that is the case while you send out the Microsoft Teams Meeting invite to the Students see if you get the option to choose who is the presenter of the meeting. In case yes you can make all the students as attendee and being a presenter of a meeting only you would be able to share the Whiteboard in the meeting. 


In case while scheduling the meeting you are not getting the option. After your Teams Meeting starts you can make the students as attendees and they can only talk and chat in the meeting they cannot control the whiteboard.


Let me know if my understanding is different from issue you are facing.


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I am the teacher and do NOT want the students utilizing the pens while I am displaying work.



You can make them as an attendee post that they would not be able to use the Pen or any other options in Microsoft Teams apart from listening to your sessions.


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Satish U

I just had a Teams Meeting and had just myself as a presenter using the Meeting Options. However the attendees could still make changes to the whiteboard. Need a way to restrict this or disable whiteboard for the meeting.
Try using the whiteboard app on your computer, and share / present that (instead of using the whiteboard app built into Teams).



No, even if you turn them to the attendee, they still are able to collaborate on the whiteboard.








@Rob Ellis 


This is a workaround, but in this case all the chats and other activities got hidden behind the shared screen.

Were you able to find the solution?
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@vinaybakalegmailcom This is quite an old thread, since the conversations here Whiteboard has added an option in it's settings to prevent other people editing the board for this type of scenario. Press the cog at the top right and turn off the Other Participants can edit switch.



@Lorenzo_Soncini @Steven Collier  Now because of the new whiteboard update in MS Teams, it no longer has an option. I would like to see a workaround


@Yashwanth_Kumar_Patlo If does still have the ability to change Participants can Edit in the cog menu