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Hi to all, 

Is it possible to disable Together mode at the tenant level or at least for specific users or meeting?

We found some problems with other services (bluejeans) if any users enable it.




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I'm not aware of an option tho disable together mode, so I would say there is not an option

Yes, we are having the same issue with our Polycom Group Series.  Once someone clicks Together Mode, it displays one tile on the Group Series Display in Together Mode.  Then even if the user goes back to Gallery, the Together Mode tile stays.  The only way out of it is to completely end the meeting, with everyone signing out, then reconnecting.


Would love to turn it off.  Plus in and Enterprise together mode is useless and cheap looking.

@EnryMig From the same menu, you enabled it there is a (Turn off incoming video). 

Click that then go to the same menu again and enable incoming video. It will go back to normal.

@EnryMig Are you talking about the menu in Teams or on Polycom group series?  Wouldn't this turn off all video then?

@TonyHarrell The menu in Teams.
It will only turn off the video for YOU without dropping the call. When you enable it again from the same menu it will be normal; not in Together Mode. 

@EnryMig Hey, you can disable together mode by clicking on Galery.

There's no need to reconnect or signing off.


Hope it helps <3