Disable teams (and/or Onedrive) from specific computers within enterprise network

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Hello, I work for a company that manages its devices and device users through active directory. What I'd like to achieve is to have a group of computers where whoever logs in can access Office 365, but not Teams, and ideally not Onedrive either. Those people would still be able to access Teams and Onedrive from other devices or from a web browser, and would also be able to use Office Word and Excel from the computers I want to disable the use of Teams on. Is this possible?

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I don't think that you are asking for what you may really want. For instance, do you mean no Teams web access? Or OneDrive web?

I think that what you may want is to just unistall / disable the clients

@Ed Woodrick yes, I'd like to disable the client. my end goal is to save disk space, because these computers are used by many different users, and teams and onedrive can take a lot of space for each if them. I should add that's unfeasible for me to manually uninstall/disable each client for each device and user. I'd rather deploy some kind of policy trough active directory to the whole group of PCs, if there is anything at computer level that can work for all users logging in at any moment.

sounds like you only want to disable app instead of service
so use GPO could make this works(sorry don't remember details for software management)

by the way if you want to disable service(make web can't work as well), disable IP range for these service
Hi, if I understand correctly in these computers the disk fills up because there are folders synchronized with OneDrive. The solutions can be a) unsynchronizing, or b) periodically using the "Free up space" function of OneDrive which deletes files locally and keeps them only in the cloud.