Disable reminders/Calendar invites for ONE Shared Calendar/Teams group calendar only

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Hello, I am curious if it's possible to disable reminders on ONE Shared Teams calendar only.

The goal is to be able to view the group calendar on a tab within the Teams channel (or in their Outlook app if they choose), but not receive alerts for the items added to the calendar. It's simply to be used as an FYI calendar with dates ear-marked. For example, Monday and Tuesdays are AP day for Property Managers, so it's on the calendar, but we don't need reminders.


I've reviewed the few resources below during my Google searching, but not finding the exact solution I am looking for...


Teams notification settings - https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msteams/forum/all/turning-off-calendar-reminders/0f485da9-3562-4....


Disabling Calendar notifications; looks like it'd impact all calendars which we do not want -

Removing Reminders; looks to impact all reminder settings which we do not want -


Appreciate any help!

Thank you,

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Unfortunately not. No response yet.