Disable peer local LAN connectivity on 1 to 1 calls

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We are observing two behaviors when making calls on Teams. Both Teams callers are on the same LAN network.

1. When setting up a meeting in Teams, and both callers connect to the meeting, the calls go to the Teams server on Office365 and the calls are stable.
2. When calling 1 to 1 directly, the traffic goes peer to peer on the same LAN. We have IDS systems that stop this behavior. The call quality is not the best due to IDS system.

Is there a way to set all calls to go to the cloud Teams server to avoid issues with our local IDS? We are office 365 clients.





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@gushypo Same issue here. Any progress?

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If you block UDP between peers on you local network then calls will all go via the service, but I would strongly suggest altering your IDS etc to exclude Teams traffic anyway, it's not an intrusion!