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Hi There, 

I am super excited that Teams Templates have shown up in my developer tenant :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:. But one of my clients didn't share my excitement :worried_face:. The reason for this is they have a very defined adoption methodology and want to ensure their users are supported. Is there a way to disable this feature until they are ready?




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@Mike Dumka 


Hi Mike, I've had a check around and as far as I can see there is no means to disable Teams templates currently.  



Thanks buddy ... much appreciated!

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@Mike Dumka We're currently working on a team template policy that will empower admins to hide/show specific templates to different users in their organization. This can include the ability to hide all team templates if desired. 


any ETA on that? We do have the need to disable those templates, too.
Do you have an update on this?

@Aaron_G - as well as the option of disabling MSFT's standard templates we need the option of creating our own templates. And behind the scene, before user chooses the template, connect a given Teams template with a retention policy for chat and posts/conversations ( 


Will these features be available any time soon?


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Jan Lie Børsheim

Hello @janlieborsheim,  @Par Linderoth,  @Andreas Zinic

We expect the feature to hide/show specific team templates to be available in the TAP program soon. Please check back for updates in early 2021. 

@janlieborsheim retention policies with team templates is on the roadmap, but I cannot provide an ETA at this time. 

Hi everyone,

You can now hide templates :
Teams Admin Center > Teams > Template policies
You can choose which one you would like to hide.
Ooh so you can! So late to discover this, but still so pleased. Thanks :D
Hi, appreciate this is an old thread but hoping someone can help.

Is it possible to hide the Class Teams template from view when a user goes to create a Team? Ideally we would like our users to create Class Teams via our VLE which has the Teams Integration allowing for Class Teams to be provisioned including membership. As such we're not wanting to remove the ability to create Class Teams but rather force our users via our VLE to do so.

From what I can see you can add/hide other templates via the Admin Centre but not specifically the core templates such as 'Class', or can you?

Many thanks!