Disable attendee engagement report in Live events by default

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Does anyone know if there is any way to turn off the 'Attendee engagement report' in the live events by default and/or if it can be turned off permanently. The option is turned on by default in our tenant and we are unable to find a way to turn it off.


According to this Microsoft page you need to turn the option on manually, so it seems like there should be.

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Good question. I don't use them in my work but had a look and the attendee report is enabled by default for me as well (not what that above support article says). It makes me wonder if the Live event uses the Teams meeting policy parameter -AllowEngagementReport. So I had to try and disable that and now I have to wait some time. Will update later.
hi, may I ask why you want turn off by default?
I never thought about this because normally question for us is how to get report...
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@IvanHST Test completed. There's no way of controlling the check box using Teams live event policies and the Teams meeting policy for attendee report isn't used. I did find the setting in Teams Graph API where it also says it's disabled by default. Perhaps it's a bug being enabled by default. You can report this from the Teams client bottom left corner. I will do it as well.

@AnqB0VVRJMzsO6zV Our organization is very strict when it comes to collecting personal information like email addresses. We would like the option to have it disabled by default and have it be a conscious decision to turn it on.

Hi Christian, thank you very much for testing this. I will make sure to report this.