Disable all options besides Private for Teams creation

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Has anyone found a way to disable the ability to make public Teams upon creation of a Team?  I do not want to use sensitivity labels.  We don't want there to even be the option of Public unless it is greyed out.


Thank you in advance.

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I'm afraid the only way to achieve this is by means of sensitivity labels

I am correcting myself here. Even though @Juan Carlos González Martín is correct there are other alternatives!


New-Team (MicrosoftTeamsPowerShell) | Microsoft Docs let's you provision a new team with the set visibility.


New-CsTeamTemplate (MicrosoftTeamsPowerShell) | Microsoft Docs

Lets you provision a team template with the set visibility.


You can also use Graph, create groups with visibility "private" and then convert to a team

Creating teams and managing members using Microsoft Graph - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Docs


If this is a problem though perhaps you should consider not allowing all to create teams