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In SfB, you could send a call direct to Voicemail using a SIP formatted string ending in ";opaque=app:voicemail".  I've not been able to test (no current access to a direct routing config), but has anybody seen if this same functionality works with Teams and Direct Routing?

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Hi @jangliss 


We always have an option in the Microsoft Teams Client like we used to have in Skype for Business to forward the calls to Microsoft Teams Voicemail in the Calls Settings.


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Hello @Satish2805


Not quite what I meant. I understand the client, when receiving a call, can press the send to voicemail button and it'll be sent straight there. My specific question was if the call could be routed from the SBC direct to voicemail, with no user interaction.

For example, other PBX systems support functionality called "Time of Day Restrictions". This allows calls that match those restrictions, based on time, to be routed to a different location, such as direct to voicemail. MS Teams does not support Time of Day Restrictions, so I was working on an alternative solution until something like that was supported.

Today I figured out how to do it from the SBC and used the same string as mentioned above. With AudioCodes SBC create a message manipulation rule (Setup > Signalling and Media > Message Manipulation > Message Manipulations), and the set the Message Type to Invite.Request, set the Condition to match whatever you want. Then:

Action Subject: Header.Request-URI.URL.Param.opaque

Action Type: Add

Action Value: 'app:voicemail'


The call is then automatically routed to voicemail when the conditions match.