Direct Routing SBC TLS status remains inactive.

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Hi all, we run into a problem with our wildcard SSL cert. setup on a Audiocodes SBC.

We had a working solution on our test wildcard with multiple O365 tenants. We changed our wildcard cert on the audiocodes and added the new domain in O365, after that we added the FQDN of the SBC. But now the TLS status of the SBC remains on inactive. Below the steps we did that caused the issue and some steps to try to resolve the issue.


-added domain 

-added a user in this new domain so it becomes active

-added SBC

-SBC is connected to O365 and working as expected for our test tenants and users.

-deleted SSL cert *  in the audiocodes SBC

-added new ssl cert *  in the audiocodes SBC

-added domain 

-added a user in this new domain so it becomes active

-added SBC

-The old SBC 5139 remains with an active TLS status, the new SBC remains inactive. Our tenants cant use the new SBC.

-deleted the old SBC in O365

-changed the port number of our new SBC to TLS status remains inactive but we can use the SBC for outgoing calls. O365 doesn't respond to inbound SIP invites or SIP options. most likely due to the TLS status in O365. In the Audiocodes I see the following in the log: 

"TLS handshake success. Resending message succeeded after retrying 12 times"

-deleted old SBC

-deleted old domain 

-deleted new SBC

-Added new SBC after a couple of hours hoping this would resolve the issue, unfortunately it didn't.


Hope someone can help us resolve this issue, because I cant think of any steps we didn't try so far.


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update: after adding the SBC again after a couple of hours the SBC is visible with the same statistics as before. 



Do you have ay update, I have the same problem and no idea how can I change to status.