Direct Routing - Option to dial out with Auto Attendant Caller ID

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Can you have to option to dial out from the auto attendant number when needed? Is there a way to delegate this number to users? 


I have numbers coming in to the auto attendant which allows me to play a greeting and use the out of hours options, then the call is passed to a queue (the queue uses a team rather than individual users). If I assign the number directly to the queue (and not use the auto attendant), I do have the option to dial from the queue number (using the dial pad within the Team). I am looking for similar when using the auto attendant so that the users can dial from their direct dial and auto attendant numbers when required.   

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You can assign the Resource Account which has the DID to the Caller ID option in the Call Queue. When the user makes the Outbound Call the CallerID for the AA will be displayed.

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Thank you. Thats what I was missing.