Direct Routing, Multi-Tenant problem

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Hi, I'm testing MS Teams Direct Routing service, I want to use multi tenancy option and I have these scenarios:


SBCs domains ( as example, each "sbc" with unique IP address :(


Customer domains ( customer "demo" as example :(


So, I want that customer demo could have a failover between the four SBCs, so, I'm trying to do the appropriate configuration, I already added and validated the SBCs and customer domains on 365 admin center and created an user for each SBC and customer domain with an E3 license ( each ). 


But my problem is that I can only add one of the SBCs ( ) on the Direct Routing  ( teams admin center ) SBCs admin area, when I try to add a new SBC I see the error "We can't use the "" domain as it hasn't be set up in the organization. Please try again. If you continue to have problems, contact Microsoft customer support."


I need to wait? I'm doing something wrong? I need to do something else?


FYI, I followed the steps from this page:



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If you are adding the SBCs,, and Then you have to add the domains,, and in Office 365.

Hi @Linus Cansby , I already added the domains,, and in Office 365 admin center, my problem is that I can't add a second SBC ( like )  on the direct routing ( Teams admin center ), I just have one working SBC ( ).


Thank you for the response.








You sound like you've done the initial bit correctly by adding the SBC FQDN's into O365 as an extra domain and then adding a user to that domain with the correct license (E1\E3\E5)


When you say Multi-tenant? Are you hosting the SBC's for a number of customers??


If so, on the customer tenant, do not use New-CsOnlinePSTNGateway. This will remain blank.

Instead define them on the Voice Routes so for example to have Active\Active on sbc1 and sbc2, you would do New-CsOnlineVoiceRoute -Name "UK-Mobile" -Priority 1 -OnlinePSTNUsage "UK-Mobile" -OnlinePSTNGatewayList, -NumberPattern '^\+44(7([1-57-9]\d{8}|624\d{6}))$' -Description "UK Mobile Calls"


And so forth for your different dial plans.  Calls will alternately go out over either SBC based on the matched number pattern. If you wanted one to be a backup then you would run the same again but change the priority number. It would try the SBC of the higher priority first before continuing down.


Hope that helps.


Hi @fowler_23, thank you for your response, I want to offer SIP trunks to more than 1 MS Teams customer, so, that's why I have 4 SBCs, each one with unique IP address.


This is what I want to have when I get a working Multi Tenant service:










I did what you told me on powershell, I'm not using the New-CsOnlinePSTNGateway.


When I use New-CsOnlineVoiceRoute for the ( or even sbc3 and sbc4 ) ( of course this domains are just an example, I'm not showing the real domain names)  I see the next error message:


Cannot find specified Gateway "".
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (Description=;Nu...Name=route_test:OnlineRoute) [New-CsOnlineVoiceRoute], ArgumentException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : CustomValidationFailed,Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Internal.NewOnlineVoiceRouteCmdlet
+ PSComputerName :


With I don't have any problem adding it using New-CsOnlineVoiceRoute, that's why I don't know if I have to wait some days for all the configuration to be reflected to all Microsoft servers for, an






That should be fine as long as you have configured as a domain within that tenant. Then a user assigned to that domain with an O365 license (E1,E3 or E5).


And as a public FQDN going to

When I say don't use New-CsOnlinePSTNGateway. You would use that on the base domain (your domain as the carrier) so you would run that command on, etc


Your error message that you pasted just says Not sure if you removed the preceding section because if that is in your customer tenant, then as per your preferred setup. The OnlineVoiceRoute should state, which matches the added domain specified in the customer tenant.


And then to reiterate,, only exists in your carrier tenant.


Hopefully that gives you more assistance.  




Hi @fowler_23,  thank you for your reponse


" Your error message that you pasted just says Not sure if you removed the preceding section because if that is in your customer tenant, then as per your preferred setup. "


I'm the carrier, so, I'm using the Carrier tenant but I can't add the, or, I see the message that I wrote before, I don't know why I can only add the; as a test I deleted the and waited for 2 days, and even if I don't have that domain I still can add it as a SBC for Direct Routing.


Microsoft support don't know until this day what is happening :(








Sorry - thought you were talking about the customer tenant.


If working in the carrier tenant and you can't run New-CsOnlinePSTNGateway -FQDN ....


There should be no reason this can't be added as long as you have added as a domain in the carrier tenant and status is Healthy. Again, you will need a user as well assigned to that domain within the Users section with E1\E3\E5


Follow the section titled "Register a base domain name in the carrier tenant"


As previous, carrier tenant only has OnlinePSTNGateway. You don't define voice routes in the carrier tenant, only in the customer tenant.




I can't add, or with New-CsOnlinePSTNGateway ( carrier tenant ), with users with E3 licenses for that domains, and that's my problem, I can't do anything on the customer tenant side until I have a working carrier tenant :(




Sorry @aacosta 


I'm not sure what else I can suggest :) I've done this exact setup quite recently so not sure what the issue is you're facing as you seem to be doing it all correctly from your messages. My company does a lot of Direct Routing work.


My suggestion is to re raise with Microsoft and I guess just make sure your additional domains in the carrier tenant are spelt exactly like you're spelling them in the CsOnlinePSTNGateway command or contact a support partner who can maybe assist through a shared session?

Good luck.


Hi @fowler_23 MS support team don't know what is happening, I created another tenant ( Tenant2 ) and confirmed that this issue is a 100% Microsoft problem because after I deleted al the domains from Tenant1 ( tenant where I have the issues ) , now in the Tenant2 I can add and with CsOnlinePSTNGateway, I can't add and and I think is because those domains are stuck in the Tenant1.


I'm going to delete the Tenant1 and check if that solves the problem.



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Hi @fowler_23, @Linus Cansby , I lost my user account because I had to delete my old tenant, that solved the problem, I'm lucky that was only a test tenant, now everything works fine with the setup steps you both told me.


Hope this helps someone else.


Thank you!