Direct Route: static IP address required?

Jimmy Grewal
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With Skype4B Cloud Connector Edition, a static IP address is required. Is that still true for Direct Route w/ Teams?

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The configuration of direct routing will not be that different from CCE setup (when it comes to the cloud side of things). It will require a DNS A Record, pointing to the SBC, which will need a public IP ;)


Thanks for the response. Our 300Mbps fiber connection does not come with a static IP address. It will cost us almost 20x to upgrade to a similar Internet leased line from our ISP that adds a static IP address. However, we do have access to an ExpressRoute connection to our Office 365 tenant via a local VPN. Microsoft told us that CCE was not supported via ExpressRoute. Is that also true for Direct Route?

This I do not have the answer to, but I suspect that will be the answer. This is a service provided over Internet, just as the CCE.

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