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So for the first time since we switched to Teams phone system we've had a user leave the company. When we blocked the user from signing in, this removed them from the voice section of teams and now their calls just seem to dump after a few quick rings. As a temporary measure I've reenabled the account, reset the password and set up call delegates, but this is not the long term answer.  So what is the procedure for this situation? How do I take their number and forward it to another user without having it assigned to a person or licensing? We don't want to lose these calls

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@Cavan Vannice There is no feature for unassigned numbers yet so you can do as you do, keep the account active and forward calls.


You could also create a resource account and assign the number to that resource account and assign the resource account to a Call Queue or Auto Attendant. 


You could also do some redirection in your SBC.


There is an uservoice for unassigned numbers in Teams.

@Cavan Vannice 

I will need to sort it out this kind of scenario too. In past we simply kept the VoIP phone provisioned (on-prem PBX) and users handled this by themselves but as side effect it happened that newcommer simply started to use new phone with provisioned number and never requested to change the display name and reassign...

At this stage I would do following:

1/If it is Direct Routing - Change the routing on SBC for specific number of the leaver to colleague who takes care. 

2/If it is Calling Plan or Direct Routing - Assign the number to Service Account with Phone System Virtual license for free and assign to Call Queue. If you simply skip announcements you can route the call to group specified from leaver's colleagues (in near future it will be possible to specify directly list of agents, even one colleague) 


if any other idea I will try to post here... but redirection on SBC seems to me easiest hence needs to be changed again back once the number will be assigned to somebody new. 

I need this as well.  

@JeffWSKI@Cavan Vannice  I'm sure you've found this feature, but wanted to share.

As an administrator, you can route calls to unassigned numbers in your organization. For example, you might want to route calls to unassigned numbers as follows:

  • Route all calls to a given unassigned number to a custom announcement.

  • Route all calls to a given unassigned number to the the main switchboard.

You can route calls to unassigned numbers to a user, to a resource account associated with an Auto Attendant or a Call Queue, or to an announcement service that will play a custom audio file to the caller.


Routing calls to unassigned numbers - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs