Direct Dial Phone numbers

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Hello Teams Community,


Please I need your help on this issue.


So we have 5 users that require direct Dial Phone numbers that when people call it just goes to them.


For these 4 users when they call out it should ring out as the 03XXXXXX442 number.



Auto Attendant:


When people call 03XXXXXX442 it should call through to an auto attendant with 3 options, New Customer, Existing Customer, Everything Else.


New Customer Calls all users in the New Customer Call Queue

Existing Customer Call all users in the Existing Customer Call Queue

Everything Else Calls all users in the Existing Customer Call Queue


Call Queues:


New Customer: Ian, Maja, Deborah, Costa  & Mohammed 

Existing Customer: Ian, Maja, Deborah , Costa & Mohammed 

Everything Else: Ian , Maja, Deborah, Costa & Mohammed 

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Look up the documentation for those.
Auto Attendants:
Call Queues:

And for the phone number on dial out you can use the agent caller ID feature, or assign caller ID policy to those users so they use the same phone numbers.