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Hi everyone,


I have a really weird experience with teams at the moment. I use it on my desktop pc and my laptop. Both run the same version (see subject), and both run on windwos 10, but they behave differently when it comes to video calls/meetings. On the laptop the meetings are in a seperate window, allowing me to fully use all the chats at the same time. On the desktop it forces the meeting in the same main window and I cannot use the chats full screen and the meeting full screen at the same time.

Does onyone know how to change that? I want the desktop to behave the same as the laptop. It's really useful for me to have to seperate windows, one with the meeting, and one with all the chats and stuff.

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Strange! They should be the same (separate window) try auto update the client from the settings, do a full logout and log back into Teams. Then I’d send feedback to Microsoft via Help -> feedback

@Loasmo Reinstall the Teams which you have issues. If you upgrade the teams sometimes it will not get you all new features.

@Swaminathan_Arumugam I will try that. A simple re-install didn't help though. Maybe if I really remove teams completely it will work. Gonna give it a try after the current meeting.

So I reinstalled Teams completely and had to re-enter my credentials. Nothing changed. Still the same, in my eyes faulty, behaviour.

Seems like I have to get in touch with M$ for this one :\

@Loasmo I have precisely the same issue.

Corp laptop on Win10 on 1809 (17763.1577) 

Home desktop Win10 on 21H1 (19043.1165)


Both Teams apps on the same version.

The laptop is single window (with option to pop-out chats).

The desktop is multiwindow with calls/conferences/videos on standalone windows while the main app remains separate and unaffected.


No idea what is driving this.

The only guess I could come up with (and it's entirely guesswork) is whether the multiwindow is restricted by group policy choice. 

Hello everyone,
I tried many different approaches to fix this issues. Nothing helped. I switched to using teams in the browser, as I can easily have two diffent tabs open, one for a meeting and one for the chats.
My IT Support wanted to take a look into group settings but didn't respond since. I'll keep trying to fix this, as I really miss the feature on the desktop client at work.
Teams is completely broken as far as I am concerned. If I click to a Chat window, then the current meeting goes to a very small window and no way to make it large again. I need it over multiple windows