Differences between IOS and Windows 10 version ?

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Hi again,

Is there documentation about the differences between IOS and Windows 10 version of Teams ?

Thank you

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Hi @MarioGervais

There is no official document in terms of a direct compare between features of the desktop and web versions. There may be one that someone has put together by searching for it in a browser (I.e. a blog)

However, all Microsoft articles here ( are written for both desktop and mobile so should give you a good idea of the differences

Hope that helps to answers your question!

Best, Chris

Best, Chris

Thank you @Christopher Hoard, but it was more about the differences between the OSX and Windows 10 version. Some people were I work dont see the button to invite people at a meeting in Outlook for OSX. Thanks

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Again, no official documentation unfortunately. Some documents come up on searches such as this one

But all generally posit the parity of the clients to each other: however, we know this isn't the case as there are small differences between the linux and VDI clients too. So I have raised a uservoice to get a feature compare on all the different clients side by side

Would vote to push it up the agenda. You could always do your own however, Microsoft should have an official one on

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Best, Chris