Dictation with Teams

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Just wondering I have seen a video floating in cyberspace where there is a meeting and Teams is transcribing everyone that is speaking with their names etc, how would I go about doing this?


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This is set in the meeting policy:


Currently only supported if teams client is set to English and English is spoken in meeting!

Transcription is fetched from stream afterwards:



Can it then translate to other languages? @adam deltinger 

@adam deltinger do you know if it is possible for the transcript to be downloaded as text? We might have better chance for participants to accept a transcript instead of full audio or video recording

@rvencu Yes this is possible. All meeting recordings get stored in Microsoft Stream. Login there, find your video then click the ... menu and select Edit Video Details (exact wording might vary). Then you'll see a red text link in the upper right indicating you can download the captions file. It's a weird file format (vtt I think?) but it can be opened in any text editor app.