Dial SIP-URI using Poly phones registered to SIP Gateway

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Hi Community,

I was wondering how I could dial a SIP-URI from a phone registered to SIP Gateway.

When I try to call: email address removed for privacy reasons it doesn't work

Tested on Poly VVX 401, VVX 150 and Edge 100

Can I only call phone numbers?

Note: the user@domain is a MS Teams user of my tenant, I would expect to be able to call them without a number

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Hi @TeamsBello,

to initiate a call to a Microsoft Teams user within your organization, use their email address in the SIP-URI format.

For instance, if the Teams user's email is email address removed for privacy reasons, then you need to dial sip:email address removed for privacy reasons

Not all devices can dial using URIs—it works only on specific SIP and SCCP devices. Whether your Poly phones can dial a SIP-URI depends on your SIP Gateway settings and the phone configurations.

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