Dial Phone Numbers from browsers or other application in Teams

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Hello MS-Team(s), 


I'm using Teams also as Softphone for external calls. I'm searching a solution how to dial phone numbers from a browser or other systems (like ERP-Software) via teams. Maybe there is are extensions for Edge or a configuration in Standard Apps in Windows10. I didn't found any of it yet - and maybe there are some security concerns :) Other VOIP-Solution has such settings. 

A feature like this would increase productivity enormous.  

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@Freundt Have a look at this extension and application


Edge Browser: Telephone Number Detection - Chrome Web Store (

Installable program: Teams and SfB Wizard (




@Christian Pilz 
Hi Christian, 


it's allways the right keyword on the search engines ;) 
There are a lot "telephone number detection" extensions for different browser available. 

Thanks a lot

And here is the 5 minutute-solution to my problem :)


  1. Download the Telephone Number Detection for the Browser (Edge and Chrome available).
  2. Choose Settings of the extension and set Protokoll to tel: Freundt_0-1607708362218.png
  3. Windows Standard Apps ->Set Procoll for Tel = Teams Freundt_1-1607708542860.png


  4. Save time & have fun


Hello, @Freundt - thanks for your advice, I have tried to get this to work but it's not picking up Teams as the dialler.  I only have Facetime as an option when clicked (using OSX, and Chrome).  The extension is live, and i updated to your settings above but it hasn't done anything.  Any ideas?



@Christian Pilz 

Holy crap thanks for this. Teams Wizard is a godsend. My previous company used RingCentral and their softphone allowed you to just highlight a number on a website or whatever and hit F5 or F6 to dial it, and I was reeeeeeally missing this at my new company. Works like a dream, way better than the browser extension, in my opinion.