dial out 60 minutes


60 minutes free dial out supported with Audio conferencing license

-can these 60 minutes be used by Host and all attendees or just by Host

-Is this 1 time benefit only

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@MTayal You get 60 minutes per assigned Audio Conferencing license per month. These minutes can be used by all participants. Your minutes are pooled, so if you had two assigned Audio Conferencing licenses, one user used 0 minutes and the other used 120 minutes, you would not be charged for any extra minutes. You can monitor your usage in the Teams Admin Center under Legacy portal > Reports > PSTN Minute Pools.


More details are here:

@Ryan Steele 

so I believe in case Participants want to use dial out, they first need to connect Teams with VOIP and than switch to "Dial out" mode until 60 minutes are available

@Ryan Steele 


Link provided says


For customers adopting our Audio Conferencing service, Microsoft provides the ability to dial out from meetings organized by users assigned an Audio Conferencing subscription license.


It does not mean only Organizer can dial-out and not participants


@MTayal Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you are asking in your two follow-up messages. I would suggest testing your intended use case yourself to see whether it works as you expect.