Diagram: Teams Files Guest Access

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Hello Teams community,


Our Guests in the Teams group cannot access files, even though the team and documents say this is visible for Guests Owners and Members. yes, domains are whitelisted too.


Please check the screenshots







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@IBN What's the error they get? 


Also in a screen shot you showed the Visitors group, this isn't connected to Teams, Guests would be part of the Members group.

Thank you for your reply.

Here is the error










@IBN Still can't follow. The first screen shows no files showing and the error is about a malformed request, no idea when the other messages appear. 


What changes have you made to this Team site's permissions, and basically undo them to get it back to functioning. If you've changed it since it was created you've clearly made some kind of mistake. 


Or create a new Team and verify that file access works as expected.