Developing for Teams Desktop and/or Mobile

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I've followed this tutorial in order to get started in development for Teams.

The 'Hello World'-style app works fine within the desktop environment, but it doesn't show up in the mobile app. Are there specific limits for developing mobile apps in Teams? I've found this thread, but its quite dated and doesn't even mention the mobile version, so hopefully things have changed quite a bit?


Not being able to use an app that you've developed yourself in mobile form seems like a massive oversight. Especially for me since the app needs to function on both desktop and mobile. Therefore developing for desktop alone won't be viable in the long run.

Regards, Jake

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Hi @PNJake,

Thanks for your question. There is a Teams Developer AMA this Thursday in the Community Teams AMA on this site

Full article here

I would say this is the perfect question to raise to the product engineering team and get direct guidance from them.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

Hi Chris,


That sounds pretty good. I will give it a shot. I can't help but thinking that since I didn't get a resounding YES or NO, that mobile development isn't as stright forward as I would like.

Regards, Jake

Thanks @PNJake,

I think it's an area which is specialist and needs the right people for guidance and an authoritative answer. Here in the Tech Community in the main Teams forum, 99% is administration and voice as opposed to development (there is a bit, but it's not what is needed - somewhere development focused). I have been pushing with the community for a dedicated developer forum here on the TC as there is only Teams and AMA at present. Much of the Microsoft Teams dev community is over on GitHub.

You may want to raise it there too.

Best, Chris