Detailed PSTN user reporting

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With remote working being the norm at the present , we have adopted Microsoft Teams to handle our incoming / external customer calls, is there a recognise way now to report on the individual stats of a user or a group of users in the same team?

for Example ,

Total incoming calls for user/team

Total external calls for user/team

Calls taken in the Day/Week/Month/Year for user/Team

Average duration of a call in the Day/Week/Month/Year for user / Team

Total duration of a calls in the Day/Week/Month/Year for user / Team


Can anyone else relate to this question?




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@Chris Cooper To a degree you can get this by exporting data from the usage reports in Teams admin, although a better option would be to use PowerBI to report on the calls as per ..


Use Power BI to analyze CQD data for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs