desktop_navigation_provisional_load_failed when downloading a file sent in chat

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Since a few days I cannot download any file sent to me via Teams chat. I press the ... next to the file, choose Download but nothing happens. There is no Teams notification and there is no received file in my Downloads directory.

I debugged this problem by triggering the download a few times in a row with 10 seconds pause between. Then I pressed ctrl shift alt 1 and Teams saved the logs to Downloads\MSTeams Diagnostics Log<date>\.

I looked at desktop\logs.txt file and then matched the time I hit the download button against any log entries at that time.

It turns out each time I pressed download there was a desktop_navigation_provisional_load_failed error (I replaced the ", " by ",\n" for easy reading)


Tue Mar 08 2022 10:54:46 GMT+0200 (Ora standard a Europei de Est) <23544> -- event -- eventpdclevel: 3,
name: desktop_navigation_provisional_load_failed,
errorCode: -320,
errorUrl: https://<SharepointUrl>,
AppInfo.Language: en-US,
complianceEnvironmentType: 0,
isDataCategorizationEnabled: true,
userpdclevel: 0,
processMemory: 23513484,
freeMemory: 23560556544,
clientType: desktop,
AppInfo.ClientType: desktop,
batterylevel: 0.99,
pluggedin: true,
Window.Focus: foreground,
windowIsVisible: true,
Window.Status: maximized,
UserInfo.TimeZone: +02:00,
vdiMode: 0,



My  Teams version is (64-bit).


Can you help me determine the cause of this problem?

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