Deploying Team app


Looking for clarification on how to best deploy Teams app to Windows 10, as well as iOS/Android devices.


I've read one article that states 

“The mobile apps can be downloaded directly from their respective vendor mobile stores, such as Google Play and the Apple App Store, or by being pushed through Microsoft Intune."


and another that states:

"Mobile apps are distributed and updated through the respective mobile platform’s app store only. Distribution of the mobile apps via MDM or side-loading is not supported by Microsoft"


So, which is it?  Can I use Intune (MDM) to deploy Teams to not only Windows 10, but mobile devices as well, or not??


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Hi @PMorgan_1116   I don't know about Intune but I know you can download the apps from Android's Play Store or the Apple Store.

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@PMorgan_1116 Hi there!  For iOS and Android deployment you can use Intune- this is a great article that breaks it down using either the O365 and MSI deployment:

@Ethan Stern Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to confirm!

@PMorgan_1116 you're welcome, happy to help!  I hope your deployment goes well :)

@PMorgan_1116 I meant to include the Microsoft documentation as well:

@Ethan Stern Thank you.  The Microsoft documentation is what actually had me confused, as they have multiple docs with different info (that's where I got the quotes from my first post).  It will be some time before I can get access to Intune to test it myself, so I'm glad you were able to confirm for me that Intune is indeed supported!

@PMorgan_1116 I totally agree it is confusing.  I am glad I could help.