deleting teams organization

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I am having issues with deleting teams organization as none of the members are admin any more.
how can i become an admin again?

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Here are details on the various admin roles and who can do what:

Assign users to each role

You can assign users to these roles in Azure AD. To learn how to assign administrative roles to a user in Azure AD, see Assign a user to administrator roles in Azure Active Directory.


Hi there @Laurie Pottmeyer thanks for your reply.
Although we do not use Azure AD. We are using the free Teams.


@niovic Someone who is an admin needs to make you an admin so you can delete teams.  Here's how to do that:


There is more documentation here for the free version of Teams but your first step is figuring out who the current admin is and having them make you an admin:



@Laurie Pottmeyer 

The problem is that none of the members are admin thus no one can delete the organization created, or make an admin someone else.Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 9.15.28 AM.png

Got it.
Here are instructions on applying a new owner to an orphaned team:

Here is someone who had a similar issue as you using Free Teams:

Hopefully one of those two links points you in the right direction.


hey @laurie pottmeyer 

thanks for the reply
I managed to  delete the teams organisation from Azure AD.
waited 72 hours today i have tried to create a new teams account .

the problem is that i get the following message:

""email"hasn't been added to your organization's directory. Contact your admin or try a different email

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 3.51.24 PM.png