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I was invited to join a University Teams account as a guest. Now the association between that teams account and my email address is interfering with my normal outlook account under the same email address. My Apple Mail program on my Lapton and Phone can no longer connect to my emails. The University team deleted me from their group so when I log into teams now I can't find the 'team' but I can still login and cannot find a way to delete my account. What is happening and how can I fix it? How can I delete that teams account without deleting my email?



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Hmm, it shouldnt interfere cause you will use that same account to authenticate! Although removing you to the team doesn’t remove your guest account in their tenant. You either have to ask them to remove you from azure AD

You can also do this:

Although you can try this but it still seems strange that it would break your mail flow to that account


Thanks @adam deltinger 

I didn't make the connection that these were both microsoft products and signed up with a different password, like I would for anything else. Could that be part of the problem?


@adam deltinger 

Also, what is Azure AD? How is this connected to teams?

I checked with them and they already removed me from their guest list, so I don't show up in their teams anymore. But the problem remains.

Azure Ad is where your account exists! In this case your guest account in their organization! Removing you from the team you was invited to won’t remove your account! You can do this yourself with the link I provided