Deleted users still showing in Teams client address cache?

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We have several users we have deleted, but that are still showing when doing address autocomplete on the desktop clients. I opened a ticket in o365, which ended up being a waste of time: they said the reason was because the users were still in o365's deleted user area. (As if that would be intended behavior.) Regardless, I don't actually think that's the issue, since a Teams web client in an incognito window returns addresses in the expected manner.


On our Mac systems logging in/out of Teams seems to reset the local address cache, but it doesn't seem to work on our Windows systems. I found some documentation on where the Teams cache files live, and we're going to see if manually deleting them helps, but obviously that's not much of a workaround if we need to do it on all of our machines everytime we remove a user in the entire organization.


Has anyone else encountered this? Do you have any better workarounds you could suggest? 



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There’s a cache that needs some time to be removed..when where they deleted?

@adam deltinger 

Weeks in some cases. I just tested on my desktop client and I saw users show up who had aged out of the deleted users area in o365. (Which I think is like 30 days?)

Check to see if they show up in the browser version, if not, try log off and log in on the Teams client, this refreshes extra cache than just quitting / rebooting. If the web has it, then it's going to be service side, might need to ping support.

@Chris Webb 

Yeah, I did try all that. (It's in my original post.) Log in/out works on our Macs, but not on our Windows systems. Have you had this issue, and did log in/out work on your windows systems? 

Anyone got a fix for this as yet? Cant find much on the internet regarding this old accounts issue.

I am seeing this too - both web client and app.


Keen to know the fix or if they have to be removed some other way.



@Charlie Nixon 


I'm suffering the same behaviour, disabled and deleted users from Azure AD still appears in Teams (Desktop and web).


Is there a way to force teams to refresh from Azure AD? I've tried in desktop and web version, logout and login, incognito, nothing seems to work.




@gonzalomusico We are experiences the same behavior. I have an open ticket with Microsoft for this same issue. In our case it is a result of us setting up users in the cloud completely to start with and then deciding we would sync with our on prem and do a hybrid setup. Because our Exchange server is on prem we where forced to delete the cloud account and now we have duplicate contacts showing up in teams search. I want Microsoft to either find a solution for this and tell us what the fix is or we will blow away our Tenant and start over. So far my experience with teams has been less than impressive.



is there a resolution to this issue ?

I'm seeing similar scenario where deleted users in A/D + Office365 + Azure A/D are still showing in teams.


As far as I have been able to find out, if the user is not longer in Azure A/D, it should NOT be showing up in Teams. However, i can still see them



Was this in fact a 30-day expiration period for the account to be removed from Teams?


No the deleted users still show after 30 days. I have an ongoing case open with MS but I don't have a lot of faith they will be able to fix this at this point.@Dave_TrooperIT 

I'm encountering this issue as well. A customer had two guests as members of a team. The guests moved to a new tenant, so it stopped working. I deleted the guests from Azure AD (completely); however, they cached addresses still show up and cannot be added because they are invalid users. I'll be opening up a support ticket as well.

What is the point of the Microsoft Support if they cannot fix or provide some workaround for issues like these. Its been over a year already.

@TerrenceRam it appears that at least for us the deleted users are no longer showing up. I made sure I logged out of Teams and back in and they are no longer showing. I had removed a whole bunch of accounts last week and I fully expected them to show up forever but they aren't now. It appears to us that they may have fixed the issue. If someone else can confirm this that would be great. 


I've tried it today, but an external user that has been deleted in AAD / AD and not showing in the Teams admin portal, is still existing in the client. The account is gone in the webversion.


.Edit: After cleaning all data in %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams , the account isn't showing anymore in my Teams client. I find this weird because i did that earlier today as well. But the account is gone now.


Thanks for sharing. I have had similar head scratching moments as well. Teams is a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to predictable behavior. it has never been clear exactly how it is supposed to work from a behavior standpoint so that has been frustrating. In my opinion Microsoft missed a golden opportunity to become a market leader when the pandemic hit and instead are playing catch up now to remain relevant.

@Charlie Nixon Bump.


Microsoft needs to fix this.

I believe this cache for the deleted user(s) still display that past user as part of the database (search indexes) within your own Teams (cloud) indexes so you can search for messages that you have corresponded with them beforehand.


Can someone check this from a new user's standpoint, whom has never conversed with with 'deleted' user, can search/see that user in Teams when enter that ex-users name in search?





Didn't try the new user route, but, have confirmed that a recently off-boarded user does not show up in the teams web UI. This is a client side cache issue, almost certainly. And yes, it's dumb and should be fixed.