Deleted users still showing in Teams client address cache?

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I have a problem which need your assistance.


We have several users we have deleted, but that are still showing when doing address autocomplete on the desktop clients.


The users have left the company, we have deleted those users from the Active directory. But they are still showing on the Teams chat address cache.


Is there a way we can prevent this users from showing in the teams clients address cache 


@Eric Marsi 



@Christopher Hoard

@Allen Xu_MSFT


@Steven Collier


@paul keijzers

@Bryan Nyce

@adam deltinger 

@Chris Webb


@Graham Walsh


Zhengqi Lou-MSFT

Vasil Michev

Nate Loback

Yuki Sun-MSFT

@Juan Carlos González Martín

@Satyendra Sharma

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Hi, you should start verifying by not using the desktop app, but instead Teams on the web for example. How does it look there? This is most likely a Teams desktop client delay, which is very common. If all looks good online I suggest you sign out manually from the Teams desktop client (top right corner) and then quit Teams by right click on the Teams icon in the taskbar. Those two actions will release cache and refresh settings.

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately the Microsoft documentation you sent doesn't really describe what I am looking for.

We have deleted several users who have left our company on the Teams Admin Centre.
We don't want those deleted users to show up on the teams search. How do we go about it?

The link I sent describes how the Teams desktop client cache works, this I wanted to highlight. So what happened when you tried those actions attached?
All the steps were done before but the deleted users are still showing up.
Even when using Teams on the web?

While you're at it, you could go to the deleted users bin in Azure portal and remove them there too.
I am having the same issue. A user that has been deleted normally and then deleted from the deleted users (permanently deleted) still shows in the Teams desktop client and Teams on the web. Any further suggestions on this?