Deleted Team still appearing in apps

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I've administratively deleted a team (via the Teams admin center). It is no longer in the list of Teams there, however, it still appears to be fully live and visible across all the various apps for all the Team members. I've gone so far as to log out, log back in, and on mobile devices cleared cache, app data, and reset the database. It's been well-over an hour since it was deleted. From their perspective, it's as if it is still alive.


Though I am the global tenant administrator, I am not the actual owner of the Team I deleted (perhaps this is relevant).


Is this a bug, or is there some extended amount of time before a Team actually gets deleted?




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Well, I learned something. After several hours, the Team vanished. The unfortunate consequence of this latency is that it's not clear what has happened to the content posted by team members after I initiated the archive and deletion. I suspect its gone forever - it doesn't appear to be in the archive that I created right before deletion.
Groups get put in a 30 day recycle bin, you can restore the group and all content through the groups interface in OWA as an admin. It might be only groups you delete, can't remember, if that's the case you can do it via PowerShell.

If you delete Teams from the admin center it does in fact take some time, few hours sometimes to delete all the various artifacts of a office 365 group. I prefer deleting the Team from Teams itself as it seems to get removed faster for whatever reason.

Depending on how you have retention policies setup, you can keep the content of your Office 365 groups via SharePoint for longer periods of time etc. as well if you delete groups, the sites will stay around.

Anyway, here is article for restoring a group if you need it which will include the Team.

Thanks, @Chris Webb - yes I am familiar with the recovery of deleted teams/groups (have been down that path before). What I was noticing in this case was that things posted/changes made *after* I initiated the delete but *before* it actually completed were not included in the recoverable data. Regardless, it was an unusual emergency situation leading to the reason why it was being deleted in the first place, so probably just something to file under "be aware of this".