Deleted Resource account with phone number still assigned.

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At the bottom Manage resource accounts in teams, there is a section for deleting resource accounts. 

Manage resource accounts in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


It states: Make sure you dissociate the telephone number from the resource account before deleting it, to avoid getting your service number stuck in pending mode.


My question is: what happens if you forgot to unassign the phone number from the resource account before deleting it? :| 


I worked with a tech from Support and he had me try several powershell commands, but nothing worked. He is going to get back to be, but I thought I'd ask here! 

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I may have a similar issue. Did you hear anything from support? @rsmoot 

Exactly the same issue here. Number still seems to be in limbo, resource account has been removed but the direct routing number cannot be assingned to another user as it still thinks its in use.

Looking at the PSTN logs via Teams the calls are still pointing to the old resource account.

Ive had a ticket open for a month with Microsoft support and we are no further forward with a resolution. Does anyone know how this can be resolved?
anyone had any luck with this? in the same boat

In the same boat.  Have a ticket open with MS now on this.  Hopefully I'll get an answer and can come back here and reply.

I had the same issue but managed to resolve it by going to the Azure AD admin centre and purging the deleted resource account from deleted users.

Took about 30mins from the list when running the command "Get-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -PstnAssignmentStatus VoiceApplicationAssigned"