Deleted Channel, can't cancel meetings

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I created some standing meetings in channels (A room like setup for our remote office, they were huddle rooms, offices, and conference rooms) and then Some people left and I had to delete their channels.  I created the meetings (I'm still listed as the owner of the meeting) but since the channel is not there, I am unable to delete the meetings.  When I decline and/or delete the meeting from either outlook or teams directly, they re-appear within one or 2 days.  Is there any way to delete these meetings?  I was thinking of re-creating the channel, but figured those were stored with a unique ID and so wouldn't re-associate with the original meeting.  Any help?

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Have you tried restoring the channel from Teams? It can be done within 30 days after deletion


@adam deltinger I didn't know that was an available option, and, unfortunately, it has been way longer than 30 days by this point. :(