Delete Trello messages

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Hi, I added the Trello app to my teams and it started spitting out useless messages constantly. I removed the app but I can't delete all those messages. Does anyone know how to do that?
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If you are talking about team channel chat messages then you must be an owner of the team and the tenant teams messaging policy must allow owners to delete messages. Then you should be able to remove channel chat messages.

@Chris WebbUnfortunatley this is only true for some posts but not all posts by the Trello app.   For example, when a team owner first sets up a connection to Trello board there is a post announcing the connection:


[Monday 01:00] Trello

##### has set up a connection to Trello so group members will be notified when the following events occur on Trello board Business Model Canvas:

  • Card created
  • Comment or attachment added to card
  • Member added to card
  • Card moved
This post doesn't have the option to be deleted, even for the owner:


Removing the Trello connector doesn't remove the posts.   Indeed it makes matters worse as the removal of a connector creates another perma-post:


[12:58] Trello

##### has removed the Trello configuration that was created by #####.

The full answer is to be found at where you need to go into the Teams Admin Centre and under Messaging Policies edit the Global (Org-wide default) to allow owners to delete sent messages.
Now the owner of a group can delete messages created by connectors, such as Trello.