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Hi there a way to delete a unused sip device in the teams admin console? I don't see any option to delete a device in that section.

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Hello, Is it enrolled in Intune?
This is not a android Teams device, this is a SIP device (Polycom VVX 311 in this case). I don't see a way to enroll theses devices in intune.
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I've been looking for this too, but it doesn't exist yet. Just had a response from MS, its due Q2/CY22.

Common sense would have been to include this from the outset, but...Microsoft...

Yeah. This is not a "essential" feature but be able to do some cleanup will be very usefull when I have 500+ phones register :)

Is there any update from Microsoft, on how to delete unused SIP device entries?

Message from Microsoft:

I discussed the case with my technical lead and with our escalation team as well. As per the update provided by them, As of now there are no options to delete the SIP devices from teams admin center and to delete the device from backend is also currently not possible.

But the device will be deleted automatically from tenant once it is logged in to another tenant, In some cases changes takes 24-48 Hrs to get reflected and in rare scenario's it takes more than the expected time. We suggest you to wait for some more time and it will surely automatically removed from the tenant.

And to let you know, Option to delete the SIP devices is soon going to be released by the Microsoft and ETA for this is Q1 2023.


Shenanigans on this.  You cannot log into a Teams SIP Gateway phone on another tenant.  I have phones on lab environment I want to move to production but cannot with this issue.  When you login with the PIN nothing happens on the phone at all.  I can log in with the old tenant just fine but cannot use a different one at all.


With no way to delete a device from a tenant it is stuck there until Microsoft figures out to remove them. 

@JarrodLash Have you applied calling policy on the account you are trying to login.


You can also enable SIP Gateway by using the PowerShell Set-CsTeamsCallingPolicy cmdlet. To enable users for SIP devices, select a policy, and set the -AllowSIPDevicesCalling attribute to True. The default value is False, so users will not be able to use their SIP devices unless you enable them.


Please follow the steps mentioned in below link


Configure SIP Gateway - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

I have onboarded number of phones without deleting the old entry, it will not stop you to onboard a new device, only problem will be that you will see stale entry in Admin center.
Do a factory reset on the phone and follow the steps as mentioned in the below link

New feature for deleting unwanted entries will come in Q1 2023.


I did exactly that.  Factory reset the phone, set the provisioning server, and then finally log in.  The phones just sit there when I try to login with a different tenant.  If I try to log back in with the original tenant and it works fine.  It seems the MAC address is locked to the first tenant the device ever registers to.   


I found below links but seems there is no any such way to delete SIP devices.

As per this docs to remove SIP device need to reset factory of that device:

As per this note in this document there is no way to delete as of now: