Delete O365 User - which effects to Teams content?

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Hallo Teams Admins,

We’re just creating a new process for user unboarding. Plan is to delete their o365 account after some weeks when they left our company. I have tried to find more information about the effects to Teams with no success. 

Do you know what will happen for teams when a user account will be deleted?
Does all chats still exist endless?! 

The chat history area is limited, will I be able to find personal chats later because the user does not exist anymore in the directory? 

I mean from my point of view it’s important that some message will still exist, think about projects in Teams conversations if they will disappear!

If you have a link to existing documents with more information about this please share it. Thank you very much!

best regards 


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hi Christian
do you have exp on how to manage meeting when the user already left?

if the account(organizer) is deleted, turns out no one could cancel the meeting, right?
the "series" meeting will be worse
Yeah, it's quite cumbersome as you cannot transfer the organizer part. You'd have to either be an IT admin or reach out to that person for assistance with removal.