Delete my Personal Microsoft free teams account

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I accidentally created a free personal Teams account for communication with my business email. How can I delete my free teams personal account? Is there an option to change that to a free business Microsoft teams account?

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This is how you delete a Teams free org. if that's what you mean you did?

How to create a Teams free org.

If you simply created a Teams account for personal use with a personal Microsoft account you'll need to delete that personal Microsoft account to have the associated Teams account deleted.



Hi Christian


Thanks for your post - i have a slightly complicated issue related to it.


i have a personal MS/O365/Teams account since i had/have Surface devices, Nokia Lumias, Windows 10 Mobile HP Elite X3, etc. It dates back to Outlook's in-merging of Hotmail. 


On Teams, in addition to the personal account I think i created a free org some years back, but now it's creating issues joining external meetings as a guest. I can't delete the org since i can't access the admin email address on azure or onmicrosoft, with a personal account.


All this is not helped with the policy changes in business vs personal for Teams etc.


My Outlook/MS accounts are quite important, and if i understand you correctly, i wouldn't want to delete the personal Microsoft account. Also i don't want to delete the teams account, only the org which is a second account - i.e., my Outlook/MS account has 2 Teams accounts; one a personal account, and the second, a free Teams work account. I only want to delete the work account. But it keeps saying i can't manage it with the personal MS email (which i'd set it up with), and i can't join external Team meetings either (which is the main vexing issue - i can live with a vestigial account).



I would greatly appreciate any advice in this regard.




Mehboob Ghai

Mumbai, India



Hi Mehoob


I am having the same issue as you. It all seems to rely on having the admin account email, despite the free org being set up on my personal email.


All guides to resolve this issue seem to rely on this link but it will not allow you to log in with a personal account.


I have hit the same wall as you so if anyone can shed some light on the resolution it would be appreciated.


Kind Regards




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@byron85 Hi, you can sign in with your personal Microsoft account at Users - Microsoft Azure but make sure to do that with an InPrivate / Incognito browser session to avoid any cached credentials.


Using the above link you'll see the Teams free (classic) admin account and your personal email address related to that one.


Reset a forgotten Microsoft account password

@ChristianJBergstrom thanks so much for your response this was exactly what I needed! All sorted now!