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Hey there.


Does anyone know how to delete emails sent to a channel?
I know there is already an entry in the teams user feedback forum stating this would be possible, but I can´t figure out how.


Thanks for your help!

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If you are an owner of the team you should be able to delete the email sent to the channel. Hover over the message, select More Options (...) and then Delete.



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Is this a email sent to the channel @Linus Cansby?

I’ve never been able to delete emails. There is no delete option on those

Found it.

I had to change the global message policy in

Now i can delete mails sent to a channel.



Yes, sent to the channel.

@Flo73 What did you change? I can't see anything in the message policy specific for emails. Or did you change the delete message settings?


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The two you marked on the screenshot.


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Aha, those are for deleting all messages not only emails. Great that you solved it

Thank you!!! @Linus Cansby 



I can delete emails team members sent, but not an email sent to the team by an external user, the delete option doesnt appear when you click the 3 dots.

I tried logging in as the guest and they don't have the option to delete it either.  I have checked Admin and the ability to delete messages for users and guests is checked, but the option to delete still doesn't appear against the messages that were sent by the guest.  The delete option is available on ALL other messages just to be clear - any ideas?


@Flo73 @bruceb1410 


The same problem here. 

Have you solved the issue? 

@Linus Cansby 


I don't see "Global" how did you get to it? I Can't delete emails forwarded to a Channel. 


Thanks in advance! 

@Linus Cansby  is this policy also available in Teams FREE? I am not seen this anywhere in new Teams Admin site!



@GioMic No, I don't think that you have the admin center for free version. You have to upgrade to get enterprise administration from Teams Admin Center.

@bruceb1410Yeah, accidentally sent email from Gmail and now cannot delete it, easy to delete with Outlook sent as in orginisation

@bruceb1410 Did you find the answer on your concern?