Delete chat missing in teams

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I have found many threads dealing with this but none have lead me in the correct direction.  None of my users are able to delete an entire chat.

when you click on the ... delete is not an option.  I am the admin and I do not have the option.  I have been searching around the teams admin interface and have yet to find an option to allow deleting of chats.  We can delete individual messages but a full chat delete is no where to be found.  If anyone can point me in the correct direction I would appreciate it.




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@Billgod It's not yet a feature, but is coming if you look at MC466199 in your message center.

@Steven Collier 

Thanks for the reply. It's weird that I found instructions online on how to set that permission but the option was not there. Must have been removed at some poin?



Thanks again


@Billgod Delete a complete conversation in chat is new and has never existed in Teams before.