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Hi team,


I'm facing an issue with the chat messages in teams. I created a calender invite in teams and conected a team and channel. After creating the invite, there was an automatic message put into the channel that I invited for that meeting. Unfortunately I used the wrong channel by accident. I deleted the calendar invite, but the chat message still remains and even an additional message was created by the system about the deletion of the meeting. I was able to delete the initial chat message, but the second one, about the deletion of the meeting, I cannot delete. Is it something the admin can delete?

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Hi @markus83 


Unfortunately this seems to be a Microsoft Teams Product Limitation. I re-produced the issue in my organization environment and I was successfully able to reproduce the issue. For me too the message which was posted after cancellation of the meeting was not getting deleted.


I would recommend you to open a User Voice Request for the changes in the Teams Product for the same.


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Satish U

Hi @Satish2805,


thanks a lot for the reply! I was afraid to hear that, but thanks a lot for checking this out.

For next time I will check the channel twice before continue.




@markus83 I have this issue as well. There is sensitive information in the meeting name that should not have been posted there. Even as an admin I can find no way to remove the cancel message. A real shortcoming.


I'm contacting Microsoft Support and will report back if I gain some insights.

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@markus83  Support confirms that this is not a current feature. I created a request here: