Delete a scheduled but canceled meeting in a channel post

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Hi all,


very strange problem. I'm admin of a Team and a member has unintentionally created a meeting in one of the Teams' channels. He seemed to recognize that and canceled it. 


Now I'm trying to delete the whole "member xyz scheduled a meeting" post. But there are no three dots to edit/delete it and the user says he has no dots either.


Any way to delete that post?




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Do you have the permission to delete the normal chats in the Microsoft Teams Channel. If you can delete the channel messages only then you would be able to delete the channel meeting also.

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Well, I'm the owner of that Team, I created that. Therefore yes, I can delete other chats.

I have the same problem and have Teams' Admin rights . I can remove the associated comments but not the message you refer to. @janka920 

@janka920 Any luck with this? I'm having the same issue!


According to the answer here you have to gain access to the underlying Calendar of the channel.

I have the same problem. The scheduled meeting has been deleted in the post. However, the underlying reply in that same thread has no way to delete it. This is the same as described in the post here. Has anybody resolved this problem? Please share how. Thank you.



I have this same issue. 


I was able to grant myself access to the Group/Team as an owner and cancel the meeting itself, but the post still appears in the posts section.  The person who created the meeting used the Team as the organizer has left our company.


I can delete other posts fine just not this calendar/appt

Is there any update on this? Meeting entry from channel post can be edited if the meeting is not cancelled. But once cancelled there's no option to delete/edit. Is there any way to remove the entry from channel post?
Same problem here



Same problem, even found the conversations in Outlook group and deleted there. Still showing in Teams.

Ah - shoot, that was a good idea too.

@janka920 I have the same issue here, I cannot delete a message that refers to a cancelled meeting

Screenshot 2022-08-09 215524.jpg


Anyone find a fix for this yet? Anyone at Microsoft listening for a requested update to Teams? I am the admin and have a few dozen of these types of meeting posts bogging down my channel. 

Status quo here - old posts remain.

I have a meeting notice in the General Channel of a team that I cannot delete.  The meeting was deleted and is no longer in the team calendar.  @chadbrack