Delay Yealink MP56 with EXP50 expansion module

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For a customer we are testing the Yealink MP56 with expansion module EXP50.


We got a serious delay when changing the status (MP56 and EXP50). When someone else is changing the status it takes 2-4 minutes when it changes on the Yealink. When we look at MS Teams on the PC the status of the colleague changes directly.


The same with your own status. When I change my own status (for example to 'not disturb') on my PC it takes again 2-4 minutes to see that the status changed on the Yealink device. When I call the number at that moment the call comes in at the device but not at the PC. After 2-4 minutes the device has changed also to not disturbed.


Do you have tips or advice?


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Seems to be specific on the firmware which you are using is causing the issue. Few things to check

1. Is this happening only from One network or all the different network?
2. Is this happening for specific set of users or all the users?
3. Is this happening on all the devices with the same firmware versions?

Most probably the issue needs to be reported to Yealink so that they can fix this bug on the firmware.

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Satish Upadhyaya