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We just moved over to Teams and have an issue where there is a delay in the desk phone ringing. For example, when we transfer a call, it rings three times for the person on hold but only once on the phone.  The same thing is going for the initial call as well, the caller waits much longer on the phone than the time we hear the phone ringing in the office.  

We would like the phone to be more responsive as the caller gets the appearance of a longer wait. Any pointers on what to check? 

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How do your calls get to Teams? Is it a Microsoft Calling Plan, Direct Routing, some other call forwarding etc. When you say 'ringing in the office' do you mean on a pc, mac, mobile, Teams phone etc. ?

@Steven Collier  It is a Microsoft calling plan, Teams phone. Ex: Call comes in from outside, call is transferred from one user to another, the transferrer hears 2-3 rings before the person who is receiving the transfer rings once.

@Steven Collier We have been testing the system further. Direct Inward Dial rings and works as it should. The local phone rings fairly quick, within 1 second.

The issue seems to be with the Auto attendant and call queues.

Here is the behavior.

1. Person calls the Main line.

2. Caller's phone rings once.

3. Auto attendant answers with a message of "Connecting to...."

4. Play an Audio File(MP3) starts marketing message plays for ~15 seconds before the Call Queue rings the users. 


Call Queue Routing method is set to "Attendant" and ring 6 lines simultaneously. 

Presence based routing "Off"

Agent Alert Time = 32 seconds

Max Calls 50 (disconnect if max reached)

Timeout 20 minutes (disconnect if max reached)


Internal transfers from one user to the other suffer the same lag.


Is this something that can be addressed through settings?

Is it worth submitting a Microsoft support ticket? or will this be " performing as designed?"

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Hi @xppDev 


Have you enabled 'conference mode' for the call queue? It's designed to make calls route more quickly.

@Steven Collier Yes, this is set to "Auto". 

@xppDev Have you found any solution for this? We've noticed that it does take a couple rings before it starts ringing to anyone in our call queues. Sure it doesn't seem like a lot, but if it takes a couple more rings before someone answers, certain callers might be impatient. We are going straight through Microsoft for everything, so no direct routing/SBC.

Unfortuntely not. I beliee this is how the Microsoft Phone system works. :( We did notice it rings fater with certain phones, like the polycom. The AudioCodes seem to have a longer delay. Desktop app is faster than the phones.