Delay a Team from Going Live

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Hi all, 


I was wondering if there's a way to delay a team from going live for the members. I want to be able to create a team and add members but have it be visible to them until a specific time. 


Does Teams have that functionality? 


Thank you for your help!

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@whart1336 Hi there- I don't believe that is available at this time.  Once you add the member to a team it grants their access instantly. The way permissions work there is no way to delay it.

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As mentioned by @Ethan Stern there is not a way to do this. A half way approach could be to create the team and then archive it. This would set the team into read only mode so that users could not amend anything until you were ready for them to do so. You would need to be quick, as soon as you added the users the will get the notifications inviting them to the team.  The users would be able to see the team but not use it. 



Ahh. That work around may work. Thank you for the suggestion!

Got it. Thank you!