Define keywords in teams and highlight/change font size for them

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Have a businesss requirement in teams to be able to do the following

  • Users define certain keywords . like RED, GREEN. 
  • Users be able to define the font color size for these keywords. Like for keyword RED, FONT COLOR RED in BOLD.
  • Whenever those keywords are used in channels, teams,direct messages,  the font color changes based on what the user has defined.

Is the above possible to be done in Teams ?

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@abhi1024jc wrote:

Is the above possible to be done in Teams ?



Why do you want to do this, there may be better options. For example Viva Topics will eventually highlight key words linked to a topic page.

Users want to be able look into certain keywords in the chat messages exchanged .

@abhi1024jc I would suggest that search is the best idea for that, it'll highlight a matched word.

Thanks Steven, but looking for some predefined keywords to be highlighted to be able to stand out for users.