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With the availability of multiple languages ​​for meeting transcripts, is it possible to select a default language in addition to English?


We speak Brazilian Portuguese, so it's frustrating to always have to keep changing the transcript language when recording the meeting

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Hi, this is currently not possible I'm afraid. But it feels like this is something that is going to happen going forward.
Hi, Transcriptions have appeared for us recently. It is very useful.
We are missing one feature which is for me a 'deal breaker'. Most of my meetings are in dutch. It would be very useful to have a default setting so I can set my language in dutch.

Even better is that while 75-80% of my meetings are in dutch, the rest are in English. So if you could detect the language (in my case it will only be one of two languages) that would be really useful.
I couldn't imagine that it is not possible or at least the default language of the region is the default transcription language, Searched so long for what I might have done wrong or overlooked.
Thanks for conforming that it is english by default.
for us it's also a show stopper :(
Hi Christian, has this matter progressed by any chance?

I work in Western Africa, we are constantly using both English and French. Most of our meetings are with countries of the region, and are often recorded, with transcripts, but most people just don't get it and don't figure out that they have to manually go to the transcript window to adjust the spoken language. As a result, many transcripts are gibberish. This is a great lost opportunity and value for us. We could in theory have a written record of the meetings, i.e. a searchable one, and also a readable one, as opposed to the videos, which personally I don't like (too slow and not searchable).

It's really a waste, a lost opportunity.

What would be best is to have every person's spoken languages registered so that the transcript would identify which one the person is speaking. For many people it would be just one, so, no mystery there, and for the rest, there would usually not be too much to chose from (usually 2, and even if the person speaks more, it's not often that they have meetings in all their languages). We have a lot of meetings at the regional level that involve both anglophones and francophones, so just setting the language once in the transcript window does not cut it. I have tried to change it as the conversation goes, it's not workable.

The fallback option would be to set the planned spoken language at the moment the meeting is being set up, but the first option would of course be much more useful (assuming you can actually detect the spoken language with some ease).

Looking forward for those improvements.
Hi everyone, any news in this? I don't really get it, why I have to all the time change the language after the transcription started and can't setup default one... Thanks for reply
This post is one year old. Is it possible to have some feedback from Teams' team?






It's alive... thanks, simple thing can make big impacts
Thanks, didn't see that. How long has this been available? Do you know if it applies to meeting I organize. I am now searching for documentation.
Sorry, but this is not the solution.
This is about setting the spoken language for live captions, not for the trranscripts.
Moreover, we want to set the default language globally, so that users don't have to set it for themselves (of course, they should be able to change this setting if the global setting doesn't match their spoken language)

@LindaTambuyser Read the text in the prompt. It clearly says captions and transcripts. But I can't see any parameter in the Teams meeting policy for setting it globally.

Indeed and that's the problem.
When you put a meeting policy in place which says that every recorded meeting should be transcripted, then the transcript language is English, regardless of your individual setting (which for me is Dutch).
Agreed. When using record automatically it defaults to English only. I did put in a request to the product group last year but haven't heard anything about it. You could head over to the Teams feedback portal and add your vote or create a new request if not existing.
Thank you so much Christian, I following it on the feedback portal now. I have been able to change my default language which is very useful. I also mentioned that "What would be great is for some AI to recognise which language is being spoken and make the changes automatically. Then it would be perfect."