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When setting up a new team it appears the Time zone is defaulting to Pacific Time.  Where do I change the default so Central Time is used?

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Hi @Jacori53

Try these

1.) In the Teams desktop client > Top Right (picture) > Settings > General > Language > App Language > this determines time zone
2.) Check to make sure your machine also has the right time zone settings

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard This only shows languages, not time zones?

Update language, time, and date format
Click your profile picture at the top of the app, then select Settings > General and go to the Language section.

Selecting your preferred language and region also updates your time and date format.

Best, Chris
Ugh, you mean time zone not time format! Sorry guys.

I believe this thread will help you fix it

Best, Chris
I have this issue, where I need to change the time zone on a specific Team within MS Teams, as it defaults to Pacific Time. However your last link above that states it will help is archived and not accessible. Is there another article or more help anyone can provide to fix this, for a specific team?
Hi Hoard, I can't open this link as "This Content was Archived", any link for it?
and according to what I know, teams may use the settings
I have several users who face odd scene:
all the others(client, account, system, apps, o365suits,web) could display right time, except Teams in this laptop
I tried to set this by manual(I'm the administrator for app and local), tried w32tm /query /status;w32tm /tz;w32tm /resync, not work

but I change time zone to another then change it back, it works. I think this operation may overwrite something I didn't find yet
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Sure. Teams uses Windows for Time, under time and language. On Win 11, right click on time and then adjust date and time. 




Best, Chris


@Christopher Hoard 


I used the Right Click on the Date Time to fix my time zone, and at first glance it appeared it had not fixed it in teams (my change was a shift of 10 hours), but then I looked closer and noticed something even weirder - the times in my calendar go 8pm 9pm 10am 11am 12am 1am 2am...

wierd calendar.jpg

Christopher, do you by any chance know how to change time zone in the web-client of Teams? I'm located in another time zone (6 or 7 hour diff) than my customer and need to change only for Teams web client, not the entire Mac for obvious reasons. Thanks!

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For web, in > settings > settings and privacy which contains the time zone :D 




Best, Chris


Thanks @Christopher Hoard, I tried, but that only change time zone for the calendar in web Office/Outlook, not calendar in web Teams. So, now i have two different time zones in the two calendars :) 

Not sure if it matters, but i use Safari on MacOS.

I cant get over the felling that almost everything Microsoft releases is early betas. But maybe it's just me :) 




Ok, try this


1.) Check the licence applied is in the correct region. 
2.) If it is, after doing the time zone change above quit the browser and go back in and see if it updates

3.) Check on another browser like chrome if it’s the same experience

4.) Last check the time zone and settings in the browser


let me know how it goes


best, Chris

Hi Christopher, I have the academic version of the MS Teams and there is a Homepage feature which pulls the calendar schedule. My Teams is on EST on the 365 settings and on the actual calendar it's in EST BUT when it goes to the homepage it shows up as PST! Now my students are adding on which sessions they want to join from their Home Page so if the timings are showing up as PST, they may think the timing is too early and not turn up or not sign up for the session. Any idea?