Default option when logging in first time

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is there a way to control what will be displayed when we login to Teams for first time

Can this option be controlled from TAC/Backend

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what option you need to control for first time login ?
e.g. a Customized application

@MTayal . From the team's admin center, you need to access app permissions policies. What apps you want to make available to Teams users in your organization



and in the app setup policy Choose which apps and messaging extensions you want installed in your users' personal Teams environment and in meetings they create and Choose the order apps are pinned in messaging extensions and the Teams app bar.




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Thanks, my question is around selection of default workload within teams e.g. as soon as my client launches, Can we have Calendar open or one of the App loads or Chat option opens and can we control same from backend.
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I don't think you can control such behavior right now.

@MTayal I think for an entirely new user it will always open the Teams client to the top-most app in the sidebar, and you can control that using an App setup policy.


You can also create DeepLinks to specific parts of Teams, maybe you could use this to create an icon to open to a particular location, see Deep link to an application - Teams | Microsoft Learn