Default folder to start the search when uploading into Teams

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When I am uploading files to a chat or channel, Teams always picks the same folder to start the search. It is not a standard folder like Documents or MyPC, but a normal project folder from where I once uploaded some files. Now it is fixed to that folder and I have to click out of it to find other files, wasting time.

I have checked all options in File Explorer possible and there is no reason why Teams has fixated on that folder as the start-up of the file search, and I cannot find anyone that knows what to do. Can someone help?

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@AMJAGCO I have the same problem.

@AMJAGCO  I also have this problem. It is an obscure folder that I will never need to use again. I tried deleting the whole folder but that didn't help. I hope someone from MS answers this. 

Me too.
I eventually deleted that folder.
It now puts that folder's name as the default in the "file name" box.